Thursday, 11 August 2011

How to Get Flixya Account

As you we all know that Flixya Closed New Registration Signups so now its very difficult to get Flixya account but its easy to purchase account from somebody or we have to wait till they announce. 

Why Flixya Closed New Registration Signups

Registration Closed
In order to meet quality requirements we currently do not accept new registration requests.
The Flixya Administration

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Flixya Closed New Registration Signups

Latest news of this week is that Flixya Closed New Registration Signups

Flixya has know to be the heaven for Adsense Earners. Lots of companies uses flixya for approving adsense account and then they sell it for US$ 10 or RS1000. But last week Flixya has announced to close its registrations to maintain the quality of their services thats why flixya closed new registration signups.

Well its not yet cleared that when they are opening the new registrations. May b they’ll upgrade their script and then open their new registrations, or may be they’ll buy a new cloud server and open new registrations.  But for now, Flixya closed new registration signups for everyone.

Well hope for the best since flixya closed new registration signups, but it’ll be back with some new exciting features